Hope and Wire


2014, 3x 90 minutes

'One of the most important TV dramas to be made in New Zealand for years...It's powerful, vivid, empathetic storytelling.'

- Lara Strongman




Home By Christmas


2010, 120 minutes

'A bravura performance by Tony Barry
is woven together with WWII archival footage
in this touching Kiwi memoir.'
- Variety




Perfect Strangers

2003, 100 minutes

'Gaylene Preston's generally
taut and well directed pic is her best
work in film to date'
- David Stratton, Variety




War Stories Our Mothers Never Told Us

1995, 94 minutes

'Gaylene Preston takes a simple idea and
turns it into a rich, universal experience'
- Kevin Thomas, LA Times




Bread and Roses

1993, 200 minutes

'In the 'kill to watch' category…
faultlessly directed.'
- Neil Jillet, Melbourne Age




Ruby and Rata

1990, 102 minutes

'Preston and her team have
woven a special kind of Kiwi magic in this one -
I'd crawl over broken glass to see it again - and again'
- Peter Calder, NZ Herald




Mr Wrong

1985, 87 minutes

'A dandy little thriller marked by
excellent performances'
- Judith Crist




Making Utu

1983, 48 minutes

'Gaylene Preston’s 1983 TV documentary celebrates the chutzpah, ingenuity and burgeoning national pride of a bunch of young cowboys out in the wild making the epic New Zealand movie of their dreams.'
- Bill Gosden




Getting to Our Place

1999, 72 minutes

'Has many of the hallmarks of a thriller.'




Coffee, Tea or Me?

Director: Brita McVeigh
2002, 70 minutes

'A wry look at the changing image of New Zealand's air hostesses over the years is a fascinating chronicle of substantial social change
- New Zealand International Film Festival




Lovely Rita - A Painters Life

2007, 70 minutes

'A lively and loving look at
one of our cultural icons.'
- Sunday Star Times




Hone Tuwhare: No Other Lips

1996, 46 minutes

'Gaylene Preston has fashioned a shrewdly
appreciative portrait...'
- Bill Gosden, NZ Film Festival




The Time of our Lives

2007, 45 minutes

'The veterans march again with a pride in their past and their present, which is our pride too.'
- graeme tetley





2006, 44 minutes

'Preston has interwoven personal eye
witness accounts of the disaster with stunning
archival footage from the time'




Titless Wonders


'A compelling mixture of poetry and pragmatism.'
- Irene Gardiner